Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just posting to update. Myles is still in the Bronx, but Wednesday is the next cycle, so we'll see if he's staying put. He is working hard and having lots of fun. He was able to play football last Wednesday with some investigators, right near the new Yankee Stadium. New York is starting to get cold, but Myles is convinced that he'll only need sweaters underneath his suit jacket. I don't think so...

Myles and his companion have spent a good deal of time shooting pigeons with marshmallow guns??? Someone please find some investigators and send them Myles' way.

He'll be emailing tomorrow and we'll get to find out if he's transferring. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


SO. Everything is very cool in the Bronx today. Yesterday, the temperature was 73, or something, it was incredible. Walking in nice weather is a pleasure, not only does it help me retain my girlish figure, but it feels fantastic as well.

I'm pretty sad that Elder Langi is going home, to be honest. He and I got along really well, and I really enjoyed the work with him. I mean, not to mention the fact that he knows like every missionary and I liked hearing stories about all of them. He was just a straight up, all around good missionary. In a lot of ways he felt like an older brother to me, or like, as close to an older brother as anything I've experienced. However, the work moves on, and I have already received my second companion, Elder Prince, from Virginia.

Elder Prince seems pretty cool, from what I've experienced of him so far. Pretty relaxed, slightly sarcastic, good sense of humor, I think we'll get along pretty well. Of course, thins only comes from knowing him for like 3 hours, or something, so, we still shall see. I hope he's diligent, I mean, I'm laid-back about everything, but I want to work, and that's what I do, so I hope he's alright with that. He also goes home in six weeks. It's insane, My first 3 cycles I'll have 3 different companions, at least 2 of which I'll have killed (which means I was their last companion). It's kind of Brutal. Talk to walker about it. It's funny, ever since I've been a missionary, there's suddenly so many more things to talk to walker and Joe about than there was before.

I'm still waiting for Myles/Elder Fattaleh to send pictures. Last week Myles was fortunate to visit Columbia University with another missionary who came home today. Until next time...

Monday, September 1, 2008


Things in the Bronx have been quite well this week. We met this lady, Linda, who has a daughter and accepted a baptismal date that we gave her. I can't tell you how cool it is to meet everyone here, they're all just interesting people, straight up, but it’s almost more cool to meet someone who's prepared to hear the gospel and gives us a solid reason to be out teaching. I've learned that it's basically up to the investigator whether they want to listen to us or not, they can ask us for help, and we're all more than willing to assist in anyway possible, but true conversion can't be spoken to people. Linda has since ducked us once or twice, but she's busy and Elder Langi and I are understanding folks, so I guess it's just a matter of time. This one girl, Jelia Morales, has had the missionaries over forever and has nicknames for all of them. Langi is Shrek and I am Jimmy Neutron. She’s really, really funny, and such a nice lady. People like here give me faith in humanity. things are hard for them, but they still manage to have a sense of humor.
Well, I guess it's about time I wrapped this thing up. Send my love to everyone, I hope My letter from last week got through to all of you. I'll send another one today or tomorrow, so look out for that. I got letters from Tamy and Eric, last night, I enjoyed both of them thoroughly. Tamy’s letter made me laugh. I was definitely surprised/pleased to get e-rock's I miss him. Of course, I miss you all more and I cannot wait till we get to see each other again, before we even realize it. I love you beyond belief. Madre, If you could tell wavid sorry for not sending him an email, I kinda spent a lot of time on this one, but I'll be sure to write him a letter. send everyone my love, the tigs, the scheurns, the lynch's, my friends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The following is the most recent email from Myles. Above is a picture of the library that he must be emailing from. I can't wait for the next letter. Until then...

So. I guess this is my weekly email. Long story short, The New York Public library decided to be lame today, so I have a very short amount of time to write a lot. I mean a lot of stuff.

1. the food. So, all we basically eat are sandwiches, cereal, instant pancakes, eggs, waffles, and any combination/variation of those while in the apartment. also popsicles. We always make a roast on sunday which would probably be a lot better if I wasn't so entirely sick of having it. and if the apartment didn't smell like it constantly, it's not bad, at all. I just can't handle it right now. I had it a lot at the mtc, Sister Searle made it the night I got in. but other than that, eating is a basic thing. not to convoluted, I guess. I've had ramen a few times, and I always think of gray. We're trying to buy more fruit cause everyone is feeling a need for fresher foods. I despise what everyone normally thinks as the standard "home-cooked" meal. I'm glad I was raised by someone that likes and cooks good food. You really are the best mother to ever live.

2. I'm part of a royal blood line. My trainer, elder langi, is not young in the mission at all, in fact, these are his last six weeks. Not only that, but he was a zone leader for a very large part of his mission. so, the blood line thing means that his trainer was an assistant to the president, whose trainer was a zone leader, whose trainer was an assistant to the president and so forth. I knew God couldn't just let me serve a mission normally, I apparently, am destined to become very, very important here. I'll elaborate more in the written letter. As I said, My ti9me on the Comp is short.

3. People in the bronx hate me. I say Hi to about 87% of the people I see on the street. 1.4% say hi back. It's alright though. I love them enough for the both of us. that's a slight exaggeration. a lot of people really like the missionaries here, some ancient chinese guy gave me a white magic blessing and looked at me as if I was Christ himself. I think it was the glasses. The youth, members and nonmembers alike, really like us as well. it's funny how much common ground I find with everyone, despite the geographical, ethnic, religious, and social differences I have with people.4. I enjoy being a missionary. You meet everyone. Some depress you, just cause of their circumstances or whatever, some make you laugh cause they just say something ridiculous or ask you what the deal with "Paul Smith" is. Lots of people respect us and our message and what we do. It doesn't mean that they'll be baptised, but they're cool.ok 30 seconds left.

I love you more than I can ever put into words.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

He's in the Bronx!

Well... thanks to my extremely talented niece, Posey, 2cutestboys.blogspot.com, we have a missionary blog for Myles. Thanks, Posey. This blog looks amazing! Myles is doing fantastic and is very excited to be serving in the Bronx. The picture is from Google maps and I believe it's Myles apartment. His missionary companion is Elder Langi. Myles is sharing an apartment with five other guys and he wrote Jack to say he gets to play basketball a lot. He's convinced he'll be dunking before he gets home. I'm looking forward to posting and keeping all who are interested in Myles missionary adventures informed. Till next time...

Myles and other missionaries visit the Provo temple

Myles is called to serve in the New York City North Mission